Keeping your Kids Space Clean

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Organising and Keeping your Kids Rooms Clean and Stylish.


When it comes to kids rooms decluttering and cleaning, this can be a very overwhelming task of sorting through lego, old clothing, an endless amount of toys and well …. stuff! This is the place they keep literally everything and there are literally piles of it in every corner. If you anything like me you dream of having that Pinterest worthy Kids bedroom and playroom that looks cool, is functional and super tidy. This may seem like a distant dream but with some help, we can get your kids room looking amazing, stylish and functional and staying that way!


You can’t possibly start until you do a major clean out and I mean major! You need to be determined and mentally prepared before you even start because this can be a several hour job in itself!


  • The Closet – separate piles of clothes to throw or give away.
  • The Toys – again you need to work through all the piles of toys, separate into a donate or give away/ sell pile, bag these up and remove them from the room altogether!
  • The Books – once again separate into a keep or donate pile.

Once you have sorted through everything,  you can move onto rearranging and organising. I bet you have an idea of where you want certain things to go and the best place to usually start is the closet. Organise all the clothing and shoes in a space that is neat and tidy and easy to access. If you are like me you may even want to colour code this?? If you only have a set of draws make sure everything is folded neatly and has its very own space.


The storage options for children are literally endless and you can pick up some amazing ideas and options of where to put things and what can be used as a place for storage. A few popular options are:

  • Baskets – any shape, colour and sizer these can be used for literally everything!
  • Soft Felt Storage Boxes – these are fantastic for putting in the actual wardrobe itself so you can hind the condense. The best bit is it allows you to place some sort of name label on the front allowing you to name the condense without having to look inside!
  • Wall Mounted Book Shelves – these can double for books and displaying art work!
  • Wall Mounted Lego Piece – these are new to me but I absolutely love the idea of glueing a lego Brick onto a board and hanging this on the wall. You can not only store but display all your lego figures on here! Your kids can also play and replace when done!
  • Under Bed Pull out Storage – think a very long and deep draw that sits neatly under your Childs bed and pulls in and out like a draw.                           

Now that your Childs Space is starting to take shape you may find there are a few little touches that you would like to make to brighten, personalise and create a very cool kids space. A few of our go to ideas to redesign these spaces are:


  • New Bedding
  • New Furniture – we suggest going basic, simple and classic. You can always dress these up or down and change the theme over time but at least the furniture can stay the same. Good quality VS cheap is best.
  • More Storage Options
  • More Clothes hangers – there is never too much!
  • Decor – pillows, throws, rugs
  • Bean Bag or Corner Chair
  • Lamp

We are not suggesting you literally start from scratch. I bet as you go through this space there are things that you love and things that need a bit of an update so focus on what is necessary.

Perhaps do up a vision board and start shopping online or local (small local businesses are best)


Now that you have yourself set up you need to make sure all that hard work hasn’t gone to waste because we know how messy children can be. Sometimes the less is more approach and rotation of toy and things can be the best thing to do to help keep this space clean.

Hiring one of our very professional  Regular Cleaners can also help keep these spaces clean, tidy and organised each week or fortnight.  Our Professional     Brisbane Cleaners  are more than happy to help with any sort of folding, tidying and cleaning so that these spaces are well maintained.

Otherwise before starting you big Children’s Room Clean out we can also help by starting off with a  Spring Cleaning Service . Our Spring Cleaners can even help out by decluttering and organising these spaces for you so that all your left with is the decorating!

If the thought is too much to bear call our Nest Cleaners and we would love to help!

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