Spring Cleaning your Bathroom

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As we continue on Spring Cleaning our homes we come to another heavily used space often in need of lots of attention, this is our Bathroom!!

We clean this becomes a place you can relax and pamper yourself in, when neglected and dirty this quickly becomes the place you want to get in and out in a hurry!

Every bathroom needs a good Spring Cleaning and NEST are here to guide you through how you can overhaul, clean and create a beautiful, tranquil and relaxing space in your home with a thorough Spring Clean to your bathroom.

First what we recommend before getting starting is to go through each draw and cupboard and toss out any products, medication etc which is expired. We all have them lurking in the back of our bathroom cupboards, taking up valuable space, well it’s time to go through and toss anything that doesn’t get used or has it’s used by expired.

Once this is completed continue to empty out your entire bathroom of all it’s content so that you are basically starting with a clean slate.


  • Family friendly, natural shower cleaner OR NEST bathroom bomb recipe.
  • Our DIY Mould Oil of Clove, Mould Killer
  • A toothbrush (not for your teeth but to get into those small, hard to reach spaces)
  • Sponge/scourer
  • Natural Dishwashing Liquid – NEST likes Earth Choice (this is great for inside your toilets and your sinks)
  • Mirror cleaner and squeegee
  • Plenty of Rags/cloths.


Usually, the best place to start is with the shower/bathtub. I usually give this a thorough was down so that the surface is wet, then with our DIY shower bomb recipe and some additional liquid detergent I get scrubbing!!
The toothbrush comes in handy when working in corners and small grooves, helping to remove any build-up etc.

When Spring Cleaning your bathroom it’s also a good idea to clean out/check your drain. A nasty thought, I know but it’s a necessary one.
Once you have completed the shower and bath, don’t forget to wipe it dry.

This prevents streaks and prepares it for our DIY mould killer. When the shower is dry I spray on NEST DIY mould killer. This not only kills mould but also kills it. I leave this on until I have my first shower so that is can sit and work it’s magic.

Next, I start cleaning out the draws and cupboards and then placing everything back neatly. It’s also a great time to get some drawer organisers or containers etc to store items in. We love our Medicine Tins that we bought from Kmart. There are perfect for storing our medications, creams etc and keeping everything organised, we actually have two of these!

Once draws are completed it’s time to clean your sink and bench, again making sure that you leave this area dry once cleaned.
You can also find great ways to display your fav things, buy a nice looking and smelling hand was, place a vase of flowers and greenery. Careful not to clutter this space as it can be easy to do, less is more in this space.

Next, give your toilet a good scrubbing and wipe down. Add some drops of oil once finished and allow it to sit so that the next time you flush to get a beautiful smell.

Lastly, I polish and wipe down all the walls or in my case the wall tiles and fronts of cupboards. I use a window cleaner to get this streak-free and sparkling.

Now that you have a perfectly Spring Cleaned bathroom you can work on the finer details like:

Getting some bright new towels and hand towels
Buying a beautiful pump/hand soap and hand cream to sit on your sink
Adding a small vase or indoor plant is also a great way to create a calming environment

Add a candle or a few nice yet useful and appropriate accessories and put your personal touch

Now you can run yourself a well-earned bath or shower and pamper yourself in your newly Cleaned Bathroom.

NEST are also here to help or do the Bathroom Spring Cleaning for you so if you would rather go shopping for all your new bathroom accessories and leave the Cleaning to us then we would love to help you.

Simply contact Us and let NEST do the Spring Cleaning of your Bathroom for you.

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