Get Organised – Under the Kitchen Sink

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Cleaning Under the Kitchen Sink is frequent in my home but with the New Year fast approaching I am determined to get this space sorted, organised and functional so I can stop “Cleaning” out this space and enjoy being organised!

I took a trip to Kmart and found so many items to make my this space not only look great but function the way it should so that I am no longer digging around to find that duster or furniture spray.

Here are our top tips to get your Kitchen Sink Clean and organised looking fab and staying that way!

Empty your entire cupboard and set aside items to keep and items to toss!

Get Cleaning. Dust, wipe and clean out your cupboard so that you are starting with a clean slate and clean space.

Organise and sort your items into containers, boxes or baskets. Label these if you like. Attach any hooks or containers to the inside of the doors.

Neatly start placing everything back into the cupboard creating a space or section for each thing. Don’t go throwing everything back in, if there isn’t enough room make space for certain items elsewhere. You don’t want to end up cluttering up the cupboard, this should be a functional space where you can see everything and there is room to move.

DONE! Now in this cupboard there should be a place for all your house hold cleaning materials, brushes, scrubbers and bits and bobs.

Now let’s start the new year right and enjoy being organised!

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